Nurturing: A Guided Meditation

Today is Mother’s Day, a day that means different things for different people at many different stages in our incredible, unpredictable lives.

While I hope it is a day of joy for most, I know it is a hard day for many others.

I got to hold space and teach for a group of yoga students this morning and, as I planned what I could say to guide them into practice, the idea that kept coming back is, “I hope they all feel nurtured and safe today. I hope no matter their relationship or lack thereof with a maternal figure that they feel loved, safe and content.”

I wrote my students a love letter, which turned into a guided meditation of self-directed loving kindness.

If you’d like to try at home, you could have someone read the meditation to you. Or better yet, you can record yourself reading it and use it any time you need a reminder.

I had the students rest in a supported fish pose (Matsyasana) and read:

Take a long breath in, and when you’re full, let it go.

Again, breathe in. Then open mouth, let it out.

Once more, inhale. When you’re ready, exhale.

Take a moment to feel comfortable. Feel your breath moving smoothly, in and out. Find a relaxed expression on your face and let your body feel heavy and supported.

Often, we think and talk about nurturing as something we hope to receive from others or something we provide for someone else.

This is beautiful and good.

What if it could be more? What if we could have that sort of friendly, nurturing relationship with ourselves?

What if journeying back to ourselves could feel just as safe and as warm as being accepted by someone else?

I am going to guide you in a loving kindness meditation. Please repeat what I am about to say back to yourself, with your breath, in your head and in your heart.

If anything makes you uncomfortable, please know that you can leave it alone. You don’t have to repeat anything to yourself that you don’t like.

However, I will make this suggestion:

I don’t think we have to wait for a perfect relationship with ourselves before we begin speaking to ourselves in a loving way. In fact, I believe that if we speak to ourselves in a loving, nurturing way, we will start to believe that we are worthy of this love. We may even begin to break down the barriers we have built against love. So if it feels alright, please try each affirmation- each blessing- on for size and observe, without judgement, how this makes you feel. If we want our relationships with ourselves to changes, we must be willing to change the ways in which we communicate with ourselves.

With your next breath, sweetly say to yourself:

May I feel safe.

May I feel content.

May I feel strong.

May I radiate light.

With your next breath, say to yourself:

I am worthy of healing.

I am worthy of good things.

I am worthy of love and true belonging.

I am worthy of forgiveness.

Say to yourself:

I am wise.

I am deep.

I am whole.

I am grateful.

I am enough.

With your next breath, say to yourself:

I am still growing.

I am still becoming.

But I am already precious.

I am sacred.

I am already good.

I already matter.

And say to yourself:

I can break down barriers to love.

I can set a boundary out of love.

I can make the life of my dreams.

And finally:

I can choose peace.

It is so lovely to nurture someone else and such a gift to receive this from another. Life is inevitably challenging and if we can make it less lonely for someone else, I think we should try. We should also remember that we don’t need to wait for someone else to love us to be worthy of love and we don’t need anyone’s permission to nurture ourselves. Without this friendly relationship with ourselves, we aren’t really receptive to the love that is being offered by others. We can’t truly receive love to a greater extent than that to which we allow ourselves to believe that we are worthy of that love.

Here is the playlist from today’s class.

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