advice for home yoga practice

Hello from the Mitten State! It’s been so cold and dangerous outside, negative degrees, windy, snow days, some people lost power for a whole week…. not easy to get to the yoga studio. So I posted this advice on my free yoga group on facebook and apparently many of my students appreciated it.
This is the perfect time to develop a home yoga practice. Dig in and see what’s really there. Yoga shouldn’t be a game of Simon says. We need teachers for support, but we need to trust ourselves and know that, even when there’s nobody else around, we can still have an intense, expressive, resonant, therapeutic asana practice.
yogis! let’s all stay safe and practice at home tonight. I know that’s what I’m about to do. roll out your mat, light a candle, focus on your breath.

close your eyes or stare at the tip of your nose. don’t let your gaze waver, don’t let your gaze become too intense. just be in the center of your own awareness and give yourself the gift of your own attention and intention.

build heat in the body with your sun salutations. trust yourself–you may think you don’t remember how without a teacher, but that’s silly. you really do know. and who cares if you miss a piece or two?

don’t worry about alignment, don’t worry about breath–dont ‘worry’ about anything. just do your practice. let your focus be on the relationship between alignment and breath and let the mind be quiet. fill your practice with honesty. what are you strong enough to do? push yourself. what are you brave enough to let go of? detach.

think of the posture you want the most and make sure you do that one. think of the posture you hate the most. do that one, too.

welcome bliss, welcome pain, welcome resistance, welcome laughter, welcome clumsiness…but don’t grasp for or judge any of these. just let them come and go without reacting too much. the mind is quiet. you are home.

for every pose, find a counter pose. if you haven’t challenged your self yet today, do it on your mat. if you haven’t given your self a break yet today, do it on your mat.

you can practice alone or with roommates. you can practice with music or not. you can cry in practice or you can just sweat it out. or both:)

then the good news is, after savasana at home, you can just go right to bed without having to walk thru the snow!

xoxo om shanti
have a good practice

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